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Great Places to Take Pictures in the Hangang

  • Hangang [photo]

    01Ipobo, Left/Upstream
    Near small hydro power plant

    It offers a good composition to capture both beautiful Ipobo and Pasa Fortress.

    Cheonseo-ri, Daeshin-myeon, Yeoju-gun

  • Hangang [photo]

    02Yongseom District
    Tangeumdae and Yongseom

    Magnificent view of Tangeumdae where Yongseom can be overlooked from

    Chilgeum-dong, Chungju-si

  • Hangang [photo]

    03Zara Island in Gapyeong District
    Waterfront Eco-park

    Beautiful Zara Island and the Eco-park Overlooked from Gangha-ri Route 46

    Bangha-ri, Namsan-myeon, Chuncheon-si