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Nearby Attractions to the Nakdonggang

  • Junam Reservoir [photo]

    Experience the Spectacular Choreography of Migratory Birds

    ChangwonJunam Reservoir

    The Wetlands offers remarkable bird-watching experience as a habit at for over 150 bird species including 50 species of migratory birds designated as endangered by the Ministry of Environment such as white-naped crane, spectacled teal, and spoonbill. Every winter, you can enjoy a fantastic choreography of hundreds of thousands of spectacled teals.

    • Location Ilwon Daesan-myeon, Dong-eup, Changwon-si
    • Contact Junam Reservoir 055.225.2798
  • Clayarch Museum [photo]

    Fun and Experience at Once

    GimhaeClayarch Museum

    It is an architectural ceramics museum established in March of 2006 by Gimhae Culture foundation. Clayarch is a compound word of clay and architecture. There are convenient facilities such as museum shops, cafeteria, and ceramics shops along with major exhibition halls, an experience center, and ceramics warehouses. Behind the main building, ‘the clayarch tower’ made with 1000 pieces of baked tiles is located in a height of 20m.

    • Location 358 Songjeongri, Jinyae-myeon, Gimhae-si
    • Opening Hour 10:00~18:00(Closed on Mondays, National Holidays)
    • Contact office 055.340.7000
  • Gimhae Observatory [photo]

    Experience the Pouring Stars

    GimhaeGimhae Observatory

    Situated at the top of Mt. Bunseong. it is the only public observatory in Yeongnam. Its design resembles an egg in the birth tale of King Suro Kim who is a progenitor of Gaya. There are four small telescopes installed with large refractor telescopes and main refracting telescopes. Nightscape of Gimhae from Gimhae from the observatory is just breathtaking.

    • Location Eobang-dong, Gimhae-si
    • Opening Hour 14:00~22:00(Closed on Mondays and Jan 1st)
    • Contact office 055.337.3785
  • Hadong Tea Culture Center [photo]

    Buddhist’s Holy land Embracing the Ocean

    BusanHaedong Yongkungsa

    As the southernmost temple in the East Sea, it was founded in 1376 by Naong. Unlike most temples that were built in the mountains, it is as closely as to the ocean. Along with Naksansa in Yangyang and Boriam in Namhae, it is one of the nation’s three Buddhist’s Holy Lands. Haesugwaneum Status with a height of 10m and Yaksayeorae Status are found here.

  • Waegwan Market [photo]

    Sightseeing and Food tasting

    ChilgokWaegwan Market

    Waewan market has been opened in 1981 providing fresh local specialities and many historic sites nearby. Visitors from the neighboring cities come to see the surrouding tourist attractions when 5-day markets are held to experience delicious local foods such as beef roast or sundaeguk after the magnificent experience in sightseeing.

    • Location 211 Ilwon, Waegwanri, Waegwan-eup, Chilgok-gun
    • Run every 5 days (Permanent Marketplace)