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Nearby Attractions to the Yeongsangang

  • Geumseong Fortress [photo]

    Tracking Along the Ancient Forest

    DamyangGeumseong Fortress

    Aong with Ipamsan Fortress of Jangseong and Jeoksangsan Fortress of Muju, it is known as one of the three fortresses of Honam. There is a tracking course providing panoramic views in Damyang-eup and Mt. Chuwol, which takes 3 hours and 30 minutes to finish.

    • Location Geumseongri, Geumseon-myeon, Damyang-gun
    • Contact Damyang Country Office 061.380.3150~3
  • Nampyeong Deudeul River(Jiseok River) [photo]

    The Beauty of Flowing River

    NajuNampyeong Deudeul River(Jiseok River)

    Deudeul River flowing from Nampyeong-myeon. Naju-si to Hwasun is connected to Dogok Hot Spring Complex. The supply of water remains fairly constant that it doesn’t dry out for all seasons. The graceful landscape and surrounding scenery beckon even local people in the weekends.

    • Location 73 Seosanri, Nampyeong-eup, Naju-si
    • Contact Mgmt Office 061.333.1800
  • Yeongnam Dyke Hairtail Fishing [photo]

    Let’s get the feel of it.

    YeongamYeongnam Dyke Hairtail Fishing

    Yeongnam dyke(2.2km) connecting Samho-eup. Yeongam-gun and Sani-myeon, Haenam-gun is the nation’s one and only tailtail fishing place where you can catch hairtails simply by sitting on the dyke while hairtails are usually caught by deep-sea fishery. Besides the exciting fishing experience, a fantastic night view of the nocturnal hairtails silvering out the water can be seen.

    • Location 1014 Sampo-ri, Samgo-eup, Yeongam-gun
    • Contact 061.461.2767
  • Hadong Tea Culture Center [photo]

    A Cup of Tea, a Hint of Freedom

    HadongHadong Tea Culture Center

    Tea Culture Exhibition Hall offers historic and cultural information of Hadong tea and mystical experience of tea tasting. Using the regional characteristics of tea growing land of Korea, Hadong-gun operates newly renovated Tea Culture Exhibition Hall and Tea Utensils Experience Center.

    • Location 897-1 Unsuri, Hwagae-myeon, Hadong-gun
    • Opening Hour 10:00-17:00
    • Contact 055.880.2895
  • Naju Moksagoeul Market [photo]

    Cultural Tourism Experiential Market

    NajuNaju Moksagoeul Market

    After long years of preparation, Naju Moksagoeul Market opened in 2007 with the latest facilities by combining Geumgye Temporary Market and Seokbuk 5-day Market As a cultural tourism market, it has 40 public marts, 112 lots fo 5-day market, 164 lots for street market, 9 food stores, and 268 parking lots.

    • Location 14 Cheonggil-dong, Naju-si
    • Opens Everyday(with separate 5-day markets)