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Nearby Attractions to the Geumgang

  • Gongju Seokjangri Paleolithic Amusement Park [photo]

    Meet the Paleolithic Men

    GongjuGongju Seokjangri Paleolithic Amusement Park

    Seokjangri is Korea’s first prehistoric relics viewing the life of the Old Stone Age of the peninsula. More than 3,000 pieces of chipped stone tools have been found and are on display at the museum. It is popular as the children’s history learning center.

    • Location 98 Seokjangri, Janggi-myeon, Gongju-si
    • Opening Hours 09:00~18:00 (Closed on New Year’s Day and Chooseok)
    • Museum Admission Adult KRW 1,500, Young Adult KRW 1,000, Kid KRW 700
    • Contact 041.840.8924,
  • Miamsa [photo]

    Wonders of the Giant Reclining Buddha


    As a hermitage type built in the Baekje era, it was named ‘Miamsa’ after the rice rock (Chungnam Cultural Material No. 371) in the temple. There comes a legend in which rice kept coming out from the rock cliffs. The unusual reclining Buddha can be found here.

    • Location 21-5 Gyehangsan, Jeodongri, Naesan-myeon, Buyeon-gun
    • Contact 041.832.1189,
  • Eunpa Amusement Park [photo]

    Not Envious of the Parks in NYC

    GunsanEunpa Amusement Park

    Eunpa Amusemnet Park of Gunsan is operated free of charge for the people. The musical fountain is operated 8 times a day in the summer and 2~3 times a day in the spring and fall. Mulbit Bridge is lighted from the sunset to 11pm and to 9pm in November to March.

    • Contact Naun3-dong, Gunsan-s, Office 063.450.4431
  • Jangsu Tteunbongsam [photo]

    The Origin of the Geumgang

    JangsuJangsu Tteunbongsam

    It is the birthplace of the Geumgang. Tteunbongsam is located in Subunri village in Jangsu-eup and it takes about 40 minutes from the center of the village. The stream started from Tteunbongsam travels down to meet the mountain streams from the North of Mt.Palgongsan at the post in Yongmeori Village. Putting Mt.Palgongsan in the middle, the left stream becomes the Seomjin River and the east becomes the Geumgang.

    • Location Shinmusan, Subunri, Jansu-eup
    • Contact Jangsu-gun Environmental Health Dept. 063.350.2516
  • Gongju Sanseong Market [photo]

    Vibrant Country Market for the People

    GongjuGongju Sanseong Market

    With a long history of over 60 years, Sanseong Market is a countryside market where buzzing sound of making bargains fills the air. Fresh produces from vegetables to seafood are found. But amongst all, the best in to market are those colorful people.

    • Location Sanseong-dong, Gongjo-si
    • Open on every 1st and 6th of the month
    • Contact 041.856.5427