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Nearby Attractions to the Hangang

  • Gyeongchun-Highway [photo]

    Into the Nature of the Riverside


    Not only it is famous for automobile turnaround but Yangpyeong is also well known for the extraordinary vist. Lyracal atmosphere and well-polished roads are in harmony crating a dating course that is loved by everyone. Once you entered the North Hangang, you can fell the cool air and experience a whole new driving course of Joam-myeon.

    By Gyeongin Highway, take the outer ring road toward the firection of Pangyo and follow the mile post of Guri. Stay on toward Namyangju, which will be connected to Gyeongchun Highway.

  • Yangpyeong Grannie's Village [photo]

    Let's get soaked in natural wonders!

    YangpyeongYangpyeong Grannie's Village

    As its name describes, Yangpyeong Grannie’s village provides anything you can imagine getting at your grandma’s house plus natural environment . The program is easy and fun for parents and young children to participate. All activities are organized to utilize 100% of the surrounding environment. The variety of programs are offered from summer to early fall by the season and the type of crops harvested in time.

    • Location 293-1 Shinron 1-ri, Cheongwon-myeon, Yangpyeong-gun
    • Admission Day KRW 18,000 1Night 20Days KRW 60,000 (Includes 1 person meals)
    • Contact Mgmt office 0505.364.9477
  • Mt Daeseong Survival Game Center [photo]

    Let’s experience the thrilling battle!

    DanyangMt Daeseong Survival Game Center

    Survival daeseongsan Parlors daeseongsan pines overlooking the Chungju Lake is located on. Include only field survival are directly involved in a thrilling battle simulation can be seen. Nearby, also paragliding, white water rafting with a place you can enjoy various leisure activities.

    • Location Chungbuk Danyang danyangeup byeolgokri
    • Admission adult charges 20,000, 5,000won(20 to 29 persons)
    • Contact Danyang Leisure 043.423.5600
  • Water Skiing [photo]

    Feast of the Cool Breeze

    GapyeongWater Skiing

    Water skiing is so easy that only after a beginner’s course you can glide on the water surface and enjoy thrilling waves. As much as it is easy, it is also popular. Beginners or people who cannot swim can also learn easily by wearing a life jacket. There are about 30 different boat yards in Pyeongho where you can have a blessed time in water skiing, riding motor boat, or jet skiing.

    • Location Hoegok-ri, Seolak-myeon, Gapyeong
    • Contact Seoho Water Leisure 031.584.7972
  • Yeoju 5-Day Market [photo]

    Traditional Market with Something Extra

    YangpyeongYeoju 5-Day Market

    Yeoju 5-day market is a place that you can find regional fresh produce from fruits to vegetables at much lower prices because it is larger compared to the markets in Incheon and Yangpyeong. In addition ‘no vehicle policy’ has been practiced in its central area, which helped it be the number one place for street food and clothes shopping. Try a tour through the central area and enjoy the lively atmosphere.

    • Location Botongri, Daeshin-myeon, Yeoju-gun
    • Opening Day 4th, 9th, 14th, 19th, 24th, 29th of every month