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Course Introduce

Nakdong means "river flowing East of Nagyang." Nagyang is an obsolete name of Sangju. Nakdonggang Eco Trail travels across the Nakdong area in Sangju, Gyeongsangbuk-do. Sangju was a fertile field with abundant water supply from Nakdonggang and the area was always rich with goods. Nakdonggang Eco Trail consists of three courses, each with marvelous views from Gyeongcheondae Terrace, Donamseowon Confucian Academy, and Nagaksan Mountain.

Course Information

  • Course 3Course
  • Distance 47.2km
  • The time required about 14hour 30min
  • Level of difficulty 4
  • Course1 - Gyeongcheondae Street
    Gyeongcheondae Street [photo]

    Stone cliffs, rivers, pine trees enamor Gyeongcheondae Terrace

    • Distance12km
    • The time required4hrs, 1hr by bike

    Sangju Bicycles Museum → Donamseowon Confucian Academy → Byeongseonggyo Bridge → Memorial Stone of General Jeong Gi-ryong → Chunguisa Temple → Former Royal Tomb of Sabeol → Gyeongcheondae → Sangju Bicycles Museum

  • Course2 - Cheongnyongsa Street
    Cheongnyongsa Street [photo]

    Cheongnyongsa Temple overlooking serene Nakdonggang

    • Distance16km
    • The time required5hrs 30min, 1hr 30mins by bike

    Sangju Bicycles Museum → Gyeongcheongyo Bridge → Sangdo Studio → Cheongnyongsa Temple → Observatory → Nakdonggang Embankment road → Nagamseowon Confucian Academy → Sinam Samgeori

  • Course3 - Nagaksa Street
    Nagaksa Street [photo]

    Cheongnyongsa Temple overlooking serene Nakdonggang

    • Distance19.2km
    • The time required5hrs

    Suamjongtaek (head house of Suam) → Jungdonggyo Bridge → Nagaksan Mountain Hiking Trail Entrance → Nagaksan Mountain Observatory → Chulleongdari Bridge → Magwihalmeomgul Cave → Nakdong Middle School → Nakdonggang Restaurant Street
    * Nagaksan Mountain has many trails to choose from

Tourist Information


Sangju Tour Information Center 054-531-9645, Reserve Korean Culture & Tourism Guide (Culture & Tourism Department of Sangju City hall) 054-531-7109, Gyeongcheondae Pavilion Information Center 054-536-7040, Sangju Bicycle Museum 054-534-4973


Sangju Bus Terminal 054-534-9002, Sangju Express 054-534-8258, Sangju Station 054-535-7788, Nakdong Taxi 054-532-7449, Sangju Jeil Taxi 054-533-5478, Transportation & Energy Department of Sangju City Hall 054-537-7377


Sangju Persimmon Festival (October every year), Gyeongsang Comptroller Arrival and Inspection Tour March (November), Recreation of General Jeong Gi-ryong’s recapturing Sangju Seong (October)


You will find a cluster of restaurants in Nakdong-myeon selling local beef. Persimmons are a local delight.


There are lodges around Gyeongcheondae and Nakdangyo. There are very few accommodations on the course; please visit downtown Sangju for more options