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Course Introduce

Samgang Tavern was frequented by traveling merchants who would come through Samgang Port, the last port on the Nakdonggang that leads to old Yeongnam-daero. Hwaryongpo is a small island town on the delta of Naeseongcheon Stream branching out of Nakdonggang. If you climb up past Jangansa Temple to Hoeryongdae Pavilion, you will see a majestic scene of the and mountains coming together in a shape of a yin-yang with white sandy shores at the borders of the village. "Ppongppongdari Bridge" that connects Hoeryongpo offers an interesting experience for visitors.

Course Information

  • Course 1Course + Connected Courses
  • Distance 14.2km
  • The time required about 5hour
  • Level of difficulty 2
  • Course1

    To Hwaryongpo Village through Ppyongppyongdari Bridge

    • Distance10.7km
    • The time required3hrs 30min

    Samgang Tavern → Bodogyo Bridge (scheduled to be constructed) → 2nd Ppongppongdari Bridge → Hoeryongpo → 1st Ppyongppyongdari Bridge → Yongjupalgyeong Sibi (Yongju monument) → Hoeryonggyo Bridge → Seongjeogyo Bridge → Naeseongcheon Embankment → Wonsanseong Fortress → Bodogyo Bridge (scheduled to be constructed) → Samgang Tavern

  • Connected Course
    • Distance3.5km
    • The time required1hrs 30mins

    Hoeryonggyo Bridge → Jangansa Temple → Hoeryongdae Pavilion → Bongsudae (beacon mound) → Yongpodae Pavilion → Bodogyo Bridge

Tourist Information


Yecheon-gun Office 054-654-3801, Yonggung-myeon Office 054-653-6301


Yonggung Bus Terminal 054-653-6265, Yecheon Intercity Bus Terminal 054-654-3798, Yecheon Bus Terminal 054-654-4444, Yonggung Station (Train) 054-653-7778


Yecheon Samgang Makgeolli Festival (end of July to early August), Yecheon Insect Festival (end of July to early August)


Hoeryongpo bed and breakfast offers meals. Yonggung-myeon is famous for Yonggung sundae (sausage) and stir-fried squid.


Hoeryong Village and Hoeryongpo Village bed and breakfast