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Course Introduce

Andong, "Korea's capital of moral culture," is abundant with traditional temples, schoolhouses, and homes, hence its nickname. The village established an economic stronghold by utilizing the endless fields of Pungsan. Surrounded by mountains, Andong was able to preserve much of its charm throughout time.

Course Information

  • Course 3Course + Connected Courses
  • Distance 48.3km
  • The time required about 16hour
  • Level of difficulty 2
  • Course1

    Buddha statues and traditional markets – A great place to enjoy nature and make traditional Korean paper

    • Distance15.2km
    • The time required5hrs

    Nagamjeong Pavilion→ Nakdonggang Ecological Learning Center → Sangdanji → Hadanji → Danhogyo Bridge → Maaeseokbul (rock-carved Buddha) → Sansujeong Pavilion → Chimnyujeong Pavilion → Chunghyodang House of Yean Yi Clan → Head House of Yean Yi Clan → Chehwajeong Pavilion → Pungsan Market → Andong Hanji

  • Course2

    Byeongsanseowon Confucius Academy "harmony of sound and chirping insects" and Hahoe Village

    • Distance13.7km
    • The time required4hrs 30mins

    Andong Hanji Exhibition Hall → Sosan Village → Pungcheon Pumping Station → Byeongsanseowon Confucian Academy → Mansongjeong Pavilion → Hahoe Village → Hahoe Market → Hyeonwoe Samgeori

  • Course3

    Harmonious beauty of Hahoe Village and Nakdonggang seen from Buyongdae Pavilion

    • Distance10.6km
    • The time required3hrs 30min

    Hyeonwoe Samgeori → Maebong → Pasanjeong Pavilion → Gwangdeokgyo Bridge → Hwacheonseowon Confucian Academy → Buyongdae Pavilion → Gyeomamjeong Pavilion → Nakdonggang Jebanggil (embankment trail) → Gudamgyo Bridge

  • Course4
    • Distance8.8km
    • The time required3hrs

    Hyeonwoe Samgeori → Byeongsan-ri Jeongjagol Valley Entrance → Pumping Station → Nakdonggang Embankment → Maae Forest

Tourist Information


Culture & Tourism Department of Andong City Hall 054-840-6396, AD ZIKIMI (Andong Cultural Heritage Keepers) 054-858-1705, Hahoe Village 054-854-3669, Byeongsanseowon Office 054-858-5929


Andong Station 054-856-7788, Andong Intercity Bus Terminal 1688-8228, Gyeongan Express (Andong) 054-821-4071, Dongchun Express (Andong) 054-821-2102, Andong Bus (Andong) 054-859-4573, Owner Driver Taxi Andong Branch 054-856-8300


Andong International Maskdance Festival (September ~ October every year), Hahoe Maskdance Drama (March ~ December), Andong Folk Festival (October every year)


Visit Pungsan Bulgogi Town and choose from many restaurants. Andong seasoned mackerel, steamed chicken, Hahoe mask cakes and more are available.


Hanok style (traditional Korean house) Bed-and-breakfast are in Andong Hahoe Village or nearby Buyongdae