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Course Introduce

Twegye Trail starts off at Gasong-ri rafting point, passing through Nongamjongtaek (head house of Nongam’s descendents), and ends at the observatory, with a total distance of approximately five kilometers. Nongamjongtaek is located halfway through and is a good example of a traditional Korean home. There is another trail that circles Geonjisan Mountain. You can choose to

Course Information

  • Course 1Course
  • Distance 5km
  • The time required about 2hour
  • Level of difficulty 2
  • Course1

    River of Twegye, Nongam, Seongjae relics and poets

    • Distance5km
    • The time required2hrs

    Gasong Village → Nongamjongtaek → Ongdalsaem (Palgakjeong Pavilion) → Geonjisan Mountain → Cheongnyangsan Observatory

Tourist Information


Environmental Protection Department of Andong City Hall 054-840-5281 Nongamjongtaek 054-843-1202


Andong Station 054-856-7788, Andong Intercity Bus Terminal 1688-8228, Gyeongan Express (Andong) 054-821-4071, Dongchun Express (Andong) 054-821-2102, Andong Bus(Andong) 054-859-4573, Owner Driver Taxi Andong Branch 054-856-8300, Dosan Owner Driver Taxi 054-856-1256


Andong International Maskdance Festival (September or October every year), Yi Yuksa Literary Contest (May every year), Andongho International Bass Festival (October every year)


There are popular restaurants in downtown Andong and the area is known for its jjimdak (steamed chicken), gangodeungeo (seasoned mackerel), hanu, and geonjinguksu (noodles).


You can spend the night at Nongamjongtaek Sarangchae, Geunggudang, Myeongnongdang, Daemunchae, or Byeolchae