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Course Introduce

"Way to Seungbu Station" is one of the most isolated locations in Korea. It is a narrow road that follows Nakdonggang past Seokpo refinery that leads into Seokpo Station, where all trains on the Yeongdong line take a break. It was only reachable by train for a long time. The area remains untouched with pristine waters.

Course Information

  • Course 1Course
  • Distance 12km
  • The time required about 4hour
  • Level of difficulty 2
  • Course1

    River of Twegye, Nongam, Seongjae relics and poets

    • Distance12km
    • The time required4hrs, 1hr by bike

    Seokpo Station → Yeongpung Seokpo Refinery → Gulhyeongyo Bridge → Geoldungyo Bridge → Amgi 1(il) gyo Bridge → Seungbu-ri → Seungbu Hyeonsugyo Bridge → Seungbu Station

Tourist Information


Bonghwa-gun Office Culture, Sports and Tourism Division 054-679-6342, BH ZIKIMI (Bonghwa Cultural Heritage Keepers) 054-672-7800, Seokpo-myeon Community Service Center 054-672-6301


Seungbu Station 054-673-0488, Seokpo Station 054-627-6788, Seokpo Owner Driver Taxi 054-672-6272, Bonghwa Bus Terminal 054-673-4400


Bonghwa Pine Mushroom Festival (end of September to early October every year), Bonghwa Eun-uh Festival (end of July to early August every year), Mt. Taebaek Snow Festival (end of January every year), Bonseong Charcoal-grilled Pork Festival (early October every year)


Restaurants are clustered around Seokpo Station. The area is well known for Bonghwa pine mushrooms, and Bonghwa hanu


Most lodging facilities are located around Seokpo Station. If you make a reservation at Seungbu Station for a "Railro" ticket, you can get accommodation for free.

※ Railro tickets are only available for those under the age of 24