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Course Introduce

Parkgyeongri Tojigil Trail takes you along Seomjingang. The scent from the wild green tea fields will lift your spirits. Visit in March when the path is overflowing with apricot flowers. Come in April to enjoy a mixture of cherry blossoms, the river, and the mountains.

Course Information

  • Course 2Course
  • Distance 30.3km
  • The time required about 10hour
  • Level of difficulty 3
  • Course1

    No. 1 place for a cultural experience: Walk along the stage of novel "Land"

    • Distance21.3km
    • The time required7hrs

    Pyeongsari Park → Bubusong (weeping pair of pine trees) → Dongjeong Lake → House of Choe Champan → House of Jo Clan → Chwigallim Forest →Pyeongsari Park → Seomjingang Riverside →Hwagae Market

  • Course2

    Mountains, rivers, and "flower in the snow"; Hwagaegil Trail

    • Distance9km
    • The time required3hrs

    Hwagae Market → Hwagae-myeon Community Service Center → 10 ri Cherry Blossom Road → Hadong Tea Culture Center → Ssanggyesa Temple → Buril Falls Service Area → Buriram Hermitage → Buril Falls → Guksaam Hermitage

Tourist Information


Hadong Tourist Information Center 1588-3186(, Korean Writers Association Hadong Branch 055-882-2675, Hwagae Market Tourist Information Center 055-883-5722, Agyang Tourist Information Center 055-880-2950, Ssanggyesa Temple 055-883-7015


Hadong Bus Terminal 055-883-2663, Hwagae Intercity Bus Terminal 055-883-2793, Hwagae Market Owner Driver Taxi 055-883-4991, Hwagae Owner Driver Taxi 055-883-2332, Agyang Bus Ticket Office 055-883-4955, Agyang Owner Driver Taxi 055-883-3009


Hadong Gorosoe Festival (March every year), Hwagae Cherry Blossom Festival (April every year), Hadong Wild Tea Festival (May every year), Toji Literature Festival (October every year), Agyang Daebong Persimmon Festival (November every year), Hadong Green Tea Chamsungeo Festival (November every year), Lee Byeong-ju International Literary Festival (end of September every year)


Jecheopguk (shellfish soup), chamgemaeuntang (spicy seafood soup with crab), euneohoe (raw sweet fish) can be acquired throughout the town. Visit Hwagae Market for street food. The area is known for persimmons, plums, green tea, and honey.


National Road No. 19 travels closely with Seomjingang and is where travelers are likely to find accommodations. More can be found between Hwagae Market and Chilbulsan Mountain.