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Course Introduce

Seomjingang flows through a village in the mountain. It is isolated from the fields and downtown unlike most rivers. The entire stretch is enveloped with peaceful countryside scenery.

Course Information

  • Course 3Course
  • Distance 108km
  • The time required about 35hour
  • Level of difficulty 2
  • Course1 - Seomjingang Munhakmaeulgil
    Seomjingang Munhakmaeulgil [photo]

    Poet Kim Yong-taek's "Exhilarating Walk"

    • Distance40.8km
    • The time required13hrs, 4hrs by bike

    Gangjin Bus Terminal → Old Gangjingyo Bridge → Mururi Village → Jinmoe Village (Birthplace of Kim Yong-taek) → Cheondam Village → Gudam Village → Janggumok (Yogangbawi Rock) → Guamjeong Pavilion → Eoeunjeong Pavilion → Hwatan Maeuntang Restaurant → Seomjingang Sport Park → Hyangga Resort

  • Course2 - Seomjingang Gichagil
    Seomjingang Gichagil [photo]

    Steam locomotive, rail bike, bicycle, walking... enjoy Seomjingang to the fullest

    • Distance39.8km
    • The time required13hrs, 4hrs by bike

    Hyangga Resort → Hapgang Village → Gunjichonjeongsa House → Cheonggye-dong → Old Railroad Entrance → Gokseong Train Village → Ppongppongdari Bridge → Hogoknaru → Dokkaebisal → Gongseong-gun Youth Camp → Amnok Station

  • Course3 - Seomjingang Kkot
    Seomjingang Kkot [photo]

    Cherry blossoms shower over Jirisan Mountain ridges

    • Distance27.4km
    • The time required9hrs, 2hrs by bike

    Amnok Station → Damurak Village → Guryegu Station → Donghae Village → Muncheokgyo Bridge → Seosigyo Bridge → Toji-myeon Office

Tourist Information


Culture, Tourism & Forest Department of Imsil-gun Office 063-640-2313(, Culture & Tourism Department of Sunchang-gun Office 063-650-1612 (, Culture & Tourism Department of Gokseong-gun Office 061-360-8447(, Culture & Tourism of Gurye-gun Office 061-780-2542 (


Imsil Intercity Bus Terminal 063-642-2114, Gangjin Bus Terminal 063-643-1012, Insun Express 063-643-3100, Gangjin Taxi 063-643-1188, Gokseong Intercity Bus Terminal 061-363-3919, Gokseong Taxi 061-363-2032, Gurye Bus Terminal 061-730-2730, Baegun Taxi 061-782-9000


Imsil Combined Spring Festival (end of April to early May every year), Sunchang Gochujang Festival (November every year), Gokseong Rose Festival (June every year), Simcheong Hyo Culture Grand Festival (September or October every year), Seomjingang Cherry Blossom Festival (early April)


There are plenty of restaurants selling spicy seafood soup, marsh snail soup, spicy crab soup, grilled slang, and other Korean foods along Seomjingang (local Imsil cheese, sunchang gochujang (hot pepper paste), and sansuyu (Cornus fruit) are famous)


Bed and breakfast around Janggumok and Gudam Village on Course 1, accommodations around downtown Gokseong on Course 2, bed and breakfasts at Damurak Village on Course 3 and downtown Gurye.