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Course Introduce

The Metasequoia Forest provides a cool shade. It marks the borders of Yeonsangang. Damyang Sumokgil Trail takes you through a dense green forest of bamboo, Gwanbangje Forest of broadleaf trees, and metasequoia groves.

Course Information

  • Course 2Course + Connected courses
  • Distance 19.2km
  • The time required about 6hour
  • Level of difficulty 2
  • Course1 - Damyang Sumokgil
    Damyang Sumokgil [photo]

    The most beautiful forest embraced by Damyang's tradition and history

    • Distance8.1km
    • The time required2hrs 30mins

    Jungnogwon Garden → Gwanbangje Forest → Chuseong Stadium → Metasequoia Forest Road → Geumwolgyo Bridge → Airfield → Damyang Resort

  • Course2 - Damyangho Sanseonggil
    Damyangho Sanseonggil [photo]

    Damyang Lake trail adorned with Chuwolsan Mountain and Geumseongsan Mountain

    • Distance4km
    • The time required1hr 30mins

    Damyangho Tour Complex →Mokgyo Bridge → Damyang Lake (Waterside) → Forest Road → Graveyard of the Guk Family
    ※ Damyangho Sanseonggil Trail is still under construction (some sections available starting in the spring of 2012)

  • Course3
    • Distance7.1km
    • The time required2hrs, 40mins by bike

    Jungnogwon Garden → Gwanbangje Forest → Chuseong Stadium → Metasequoia Forest Road → Geumwolgyo Bridge → Damyangcheon causeway→ Memorial Monument for Jugam Jeon Myeong-un → Jungnogwon Garden

Tourist Information


Tourism & Leisure Department of Damyang-gun Office 061-380-3150~2(, Environmental Policy Department of Damyang-gun Office 061-380-3062, Jungnogwon Garden 061-380-3244, Soswaewon Garden 061-381-0115


Damyang Bus Terminal 061-381-3233, Transportation Management Department of Damyang-gun Office 061-380-3055, Damyang Owner Driver Taxi 061-383-2222, Geumseong Taxi 061-382-0063


Damyang Bamboo Festival (early May), Damyang Cherry Blossom Festival (April), Damyang Changpyeong Food Festival (November every other year)


There are plenty of places selling Damyang tteokgalbi (beef patties), daetongbap (rice cooked in bamboo), gukbab (rice with soup), and noodle restaurants in downtown Damyang and around Yeongsangang


There are various accommodations available around Damyang-gun and condos around the Damyangho Tour Complex