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Course Introduce

Naju and Yeongsangang have been a cultural hubs for hundreds of years. The trail walks you through an area that stretches over 60 kilometer stretch. Yeonsangang curves across bountiful fields and is especially beautiful at sunset. There is a large selection of seafood dishes to choose from. Eel, skate, and beef bone soup are the area's specialty.

Course Information

  • Course 3Course
  • Distance 60km
  • The time required about 20hour
  • Level of difficulty 3
  • Course1

    Bannam Ancient Tombs, Sinpo-ri Stone Tombs, and Mahan Ancient Cultural Trail

    • Distance16km
    • The time required5hrs

    Bannam Ancient Tombs → Naju National Museum (under construction)→ Jamisanseong Fortress → Daean-ri Ancient Tombs → Sinpo-ri Stone Tombs → Camellia Tree in Songjuk-ri → Hwangpo Sail Ship Quay → Naju Image Theme Park

  • Course2

    Gourmet Avenue filled with delicious eel and skate dishes

    • Distance19.7km
    • The time required6hrs 30min, 1hrs 30min by bike

    Naju Image Theme Park → Geumgangjeong Pavilion → Hwangpo Sail Ship Quay → Juksanbo → Bogam-ri Ancient Tombs → Jamaesan Mountain → Naju Natural Dyeing Cultural Center → Gujinpo Eel Street → Micheonseowon Confucian Academy → Skate Street → Yeongsanpo Bus Terminal

  • Course3

    JNaju's trail abundant with history and delicious cuisines

    • Distance24.3km
    • The time required8hrs

    Yeongsanpo Bus Terminal → Yeongsan-daegyo Bridge → Wansancheon Spring → Naju Station → Old Naju Station Site → Naju Terminal → Gomtang Street → Najuhyanggyo Confucian School → Hansuje Reservoir → Geumyeongjeong Observatory → Geumseongsan Forest Park → Iseulchon Village

Tourist Information


Culture & Tourism Department of Naju City Hall 061-330-8714(, Naju Cultural Center 061-332-5115


Naju Intercity Bus Terminal 061-333-3228, Naju Station 1544-7788, Naju Jumong Taxi 061-334-8258, 1588-8910, Yeongsanpo Bus Terminal 061-334-3022, Yeongsanpo Taxi 061-331-0068


Yeongsangang Culture Festival (October every year), Yeongsanpo Skate Festival (April every year), Geumseongsan Sunrise Festival (every New Year’s Day)


Yeongsanpo Skate Street, Gomtang Street, Gujinpo Eel Street


Naju Image Theme Park, Yeongsanpo, Downtown Naju, Iseulchon Village (most accommodations located within downtown Naju and Yeongsanpo).