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Course Introduce

The trail passes through Baekje's old river port along with other relics from that era. It splits into Sabigil Trail and Baengmaganggil Trail. The first trail follows the walls of Busosanseong Fortress around downtown, while the latter trail takes you through a more secluded area along the Busosanseong then the Baengmagang. It passes by Nakhwaam Rock and Goransa Temple.

Course Information

  • Course 2Course
  • Distance 29km
  • The time required about 10hour
  • Level of difficulty 3
  • Course1 - Sabigil
    Sabigil [photo]

    Historic Trail along Busosanseong Fortress

    • Distance15.8km
    • The time required5hrs 30mins

    Buyeo Intercity Bus Terminal → Birthplace of Sin Dong-yeop → Buyeo National Museum → Geumseongsan Mountain → Neungsan-ri Ancient Tombs → Gungnamji Pond → Jeongnimsa Temple Site → Busosanseong Fortress → Gudeurae Sculpture Park→ Buyeo Intercity Bus Terminal

  • Course2 - Geumgang Hagugil
    Geumgang Hagugil [photo]

    Follow the Guemgang estuary, home to millions of migrant birds, into downtown Gunsan

    • Distance19.6km
    • The time required7hrs, 1hr 30mins by bike

    Gongjusan Mountain → Napo Bird Watching Site → Oseongsan Mountain → Seongdeok Village → Geumgang Migratory Bird Observatory → Geumgang Service Area → Chae Man-sik Literary House → Gyeongam-dong Cheolgil Village → Jjaeboseonchang

Tourist Information


Chungcheongnam-do Tourist Information Center 041-830-2330(, Culture & Tourism Department of Buyeo-gun Office 041-830-2252(


Buyeo Intercity Bus Terminal 041-835-3535, 3515, Goodtrae Call Taxi 041-836-6363, Hyeondae Call Taxi 041-837-3333


Gunsan International Migratory Birds Festival (November ~ February next year), Gunsan Saemangeum Festival (April every year), Gunsan Kkongdangbori Barley Festival (May every year), Ganggyeong Fermented Seafood Festival (October every year)


Baekje Cultural Festival (October every year), Buyeo Seodong Lotus Festival (July every year), Goodtrae Watermelon Festival (May or June every year), Seongheungsan Sunrise Festival (every New Year’s Day)


There are a wide variety of accommodations to choose from in downtown Buyeo (also for groups)