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Course Introduce

The docks along Geumgang and Gunsan Harbor were used to loot precious supplies during the Japanese Colonial Era. Ganggyeong has prospered thanks to its strategic location at Guemgang estuary. It was one of the three largest markets in Korea after those in Pyeongyang and Daegu. It is said that more than one-hundred boats and tens of thousands of merchants went in and out daily carrying fresh produce.

Course Information

  • Course 3Course
  • Distance 79.3km
  • The time required about 26hour 30min
  • Level of difficulty 3
  • Course1 - Geumgang Pogugil
    Geumgang Pogugil [photo]

    Historic Ganggyeong Harbor seen from Ongnyeobong Peak

    • Distance30km
    • The time required10hrs, 2hrs 30mins by bike

    Ganggyeong Station → Ganggyeong Intercity Bus Terminal → Ongnyeobong Peak → Ganggyeong Harbor → Embankment road → Yongdu Pump Station → Seongdang Harbor → Ungpo Tourist Resort → Gongjusan Mountain

  • Course2 - Geumgang Hagugil
    Geumgang Hagugil [photo]

    Follow the Guemgang estuary, home to millions of migrant birds, into downtown Gunsan

    • Distance19.6km
    • The time required7hrs, 1hr 30mins by bike

    Gongjusan Mountain → Napo Bird Watching Site → Oseongsan Mountain → Seongdeok Village → Geumgang Migratory Bird Observatory → Geumgang Service Area → Chae Man-sik Literary House → Gyeongam-dong Cheolgil Village → Jjaeboseonchang

  • Course3 - Tangnyugil
    Tangnyugil [photo]

    Jjaeboseonchang, backdrop of Chae Man-sik's novel Muddy Stream

    • Distance7km
    • The time required2hrs 30mins

    Jjaeboseonchang → Jinpo Maritime Theme Park → Old Gunsan’s Custom Office → Haemanggul Cave → Hirosgaok (Japanese-style House) → LEE SUNG DANG (Bakery) → Dongguksa Temple → Jjaeboseonchang

Tourist Information


Culture & Tourism Department of Chungju City Hall 043-850-5114 (, Chungju Tourist Information Center 043-842-0532 Angseong Nonghyup 043-855-2940 Office 031-880-2868 (


Gunsan Bus Terminal ☎ 063-443-3077, Gunsan Intercity Bus Terminal ☎ 063-442-3747, Gunsan Station ☎ 063-445-7782, Call Taxi (Gunsan) ☎ 1577-9425, Ganggyeong Intercity Bus Terminal ☎ 041-745-4635, Ganggyeong Station ☎ 041-745-7788


Yeongwol Donggang Festival (late July ~ early August every year), Danjong Culture Festival (April every year), Jeongseon Arirang Festival (October every year), Donggang Pasqueflower Festival (April every year)


Ganggyeong is the largest fermented seafood market in Korea. There are myriads of restaurants selling soy-fermented crab, traditional Korean food, and spicy boiled seafood in downtown Gunsan. Local delicacies include Ganggyeong jeotgal (fermented seafood), kkotsaeu (shrimp), kkotgejang (soy-fermented crab), local Korean food, ulwoe jangatjji (fermented melon), saengseontang (fish soup), agujjim (steamed monkfish), white rye, and more.


There are plenty of accommodations to choose from in Ganggyeong-eup and downtown Gunsan