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Course Introduce

Donggang meanders down the valley. From afar, it looks as if a snake is slithering through the towering cliffs around every corner. Due to its dense forestation, the ecology remains largely untouched. The locals also preserve their traditional style of living.

Course Information

  • Course 3Course
  • Distance 57km
  • The time required about 19hour
  • Level of difficulty 4
  • Course1

    Enjoy the eight beautiful scenic locations along the river

    • Distance25km
    • The time required8hrs, 2hrs by bike

    Jeongseon Station → Ararichon Village → Jeongseon 5day’s Market → Donggang Eco Park → Habitat of Donggang Pasqueflower → Gyuram-ri → Zelkova Tree in Gasu-ri (Gasu Branch School)

  • Course2

    Head to Yeonpo surrounded by towering stone cliffs of Nariso

    • Distance20km
    • The time required7hrs, 1hr 30mins by bike

    Zelkova Tree in Gasu-ri → Sudong Rest Area → Baegunsan Mountain Hiking Entrance → Nariso → Jejang Village → Yeonpo Branch School

  • Course3

    Eorayeon Scenery from Jatbong Peak and quiet riverside

    • Distance12km
    • The time required4hrs, 1hr by bike

    Munsin Ferry Stop → Ssangjwibawi Observatory → Jangseongsan Mountain Summit → Jatbong Peak → Eorayeon Valley → Manji Ferry Stop → Former Site of Jeon San-ok’s House → Geoun Branch School → Seopsae Parking Lot

Tourist Information


Tourism Department (Tourist Information Center) of Yeongwol-gun Office 1577-0545 (, Tourism Department (Tourist Information Center) of Jeongseon-gun Office 1544-9053 (, Yeongwol-gun Hiking Committee 02-417-0140, Jeongseon-gun Tourism Promotion Board 033-563-1151


Yeongwol Intercity Bus Terminal 033-374-2450, Yeongwol Bus Terminal 033-373-2373, Yeongwol Station 033-374-7788, Yeongwol Call Taxi 033-374-2219, Jeongseon Station 033-563-7788, Jeongseon Intercity Bus Terminal 033-563-9265, Jeongseon Bus Terminal 033-563-1094, Jeongseon Call Taxi 033-562-4422


Yeongwol Donggang Festival (late July ~ early August every year), Danjong Culture Festival (April every year), Jeongseon Arirang Festival (October every year), Donggang Pasqueflower Festival (April every year)


Try surichwitteok (rice cake), gondeurebap (rice with cirsium), oksusubeombeok (red bean and corn), gangnaengibap (rice with corn), kotdeungchigi (noodle) and other local delicacies. You can find fresh spicy seafood soup and wild herb dishes around Donggang.


Most accommodations are located around Jeongseon-gun and Yeongwol-gun. There are a few bed-and-breakfasts as well as condos along the course.