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Course Introduce

Binaegil Trail takes you across the peaceful countryside of Binae Village and Namhangang. Every step of the way you will see the harmony of rice patties, orchids, and fields. The wetland at Binaeseom Island lures migrating birds. In autumn, waves of thick reeds and flame grass cover the terrain.

Course Information

  • Course 3Course
  • Distance 14.7km
  • The time required about 5hour 30min
  • Level of difficulty 2
  • Course1

    Binaeseom Island, nesting place of migrating birds and Neungamniseom Island, one of the thirty-six scenic locations of the four major rivers

    • Distance8.7km
    • The time required3hrs

    Binae Village (Rafting) → Jotagol Village → Neungam Sparkling Water Land → Chamhanu Village → Neungam Clean Water Supply Center → Daegwanggyo Bridge → Antique Street → Gaheung Elementary School

  • Course2

    Bonghwasan Mountain's beautiful scenery and the legendary Halmibawi Rock

    • Distance2.7km
    • The time required1hr

    Jotagol Village → Halmibawi Rock → Daegwanggyo Bridge
    ※ This course is available from 2012

  • Course3

    The Forest Road takes you through an untouched forest

    • Distance3.3km
    • The time required1hrs 30mins

    Binae Village → Sebajisan Forest Road → Sebajisan Mountain Summit → Neungam Sparkling Water Land

Tourist Information


Culture & Tourism Department of Chungju City Hall 043-850-5114 (, Chungju Tourist Information Center 043-842-0532 Angseong Nonghyup 043-855-2940 Office 031-880-2868 (


Chungju Bus Terminal 043-856-7000, Samhwa Express (Transit) 043-844-4098, Chungju Traffic (Transit) 043-845-5176, Yongpo Intercity Bus Terminal 043-855-4873


Jungwon Antique Festival (November every year), Angseong Spa Festival (Early June), Chungju Apple Festival (October every year), Mokgye Byeolsinje (October every year)


Enjoy hanu (Korean beef), maeuntang (spicy seafood soup) at Neungam-ri. Try apple treats and Chungju apples


here are plenty accommodations to choose from around the Neungam-ri and Neungam Hot Springs