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Course Introduce

Yeoganggil Trail follows the serene riverside that will inspire the inner poet in you. There are many historic sites along the trail where you can learn more about life in the past. The trail can be divided into three sections; Section 1 being Yennaruteogil Trail, and Section 2 Semulmeorigil Trail, Section 3 Bawineupgubigil Trail. Walking through the entire trail will take three days. Yeoganggil Trail Office (+82-31-884-9089)

Course Information

  • Course 3Course
  • Distance 52km
  • The time required about 17hour
  • Level of difficulty 3
  • Course1 - Yennaruteogil
    Yennaruteogil [photo]

    Hum your favorite tune along the peaceful river path

    • Distance14.7km
    • The time required5hrs

    Yeoju Bus Terminal →Yeongwollu Pavilion → Gangbyeon Resort (Eunmorae Geummorae) → Aquatic Wildflower Complex → Burau Ferry Stop → Uman-ri Ferry Stop → Heunam-ri Prehistoric Dwelling Site → Heunam-ri Ferry Stop → Yeoju Youth Training Center → Ahopsari Gwageogil → Dori Village Hall

  • Course2 - Semulmeorigil
    Semulmeorigil [photo]

    Trail that joins Namhangang, Cheongmicheon Stream, Seomgang waters

    • Distance13.2km
    • The time required4hrs 30mins

    Dori Village Hall→ Hanji Culture Experience School →Samhapgyo Bridge → Samhap Reservoir → Gaechi Ferry Stop (Namhangang-daegyo)or South Han River Bridge → Beopcheonsa Temple Site →Heungwonchang

  • Course3 - Bawineupgubigil
    Bawineupgubigil [photo]

    Visit Women's history and Moka Buddhist Museum

    • Distance24.4km
    • The time required8hrs

    Heungwonchang → Seomganggyo Bridge → Gangcheon Village Hall → Women’s History Museum → Ogam Acorn Village → Moka Buddhist Museum → Silleuksa Temple → Yeoju Bus Terminal

Tourist Information


Yeoganggil Trail Office 031-884-9089 (, Guide to Course 1 +82-10-2744-3930, guide to Course 2 +82-10-8766-7682, guide to Course 3 011-9732-6190, Culture & Tourism Department of Yeoju-gun Office 031-880-2868 (


Yeoju Terminal 031-885-9598, Yeoju Taxi 080-080-4197, Jeomdeung Taxi 031-884-0331, Buron Taxi 031-732-2905, Silleuk Taxi 031-580-8288


Yeoju (May every year), Yeoju Offering Product Festival (October every year), Ritual for anniversary of King Sejong's Birth (May), Geumsa Melon Festival (May every year), Sweet Potato Festival (February)


Restaurants are concentrated around Yeoju Bus Terminal and Silleuksa Temple, Please try the sweet potatoes, Korean melons, and peanuts


A large range of accommodations are available near Yeoju Bus Terminal, Yeongwollu Pavilion, and Silleuksa Temple