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  • Course 행촌교차로 – 합강공원
  • Distance 105km
  • The time required About 6hours 30minute
  • Level of difficulty 2
Where to get a handbook with detailed courseCourse completion checkpoints 섬진강 생활 체육공원 → (14km) → 장군목 → (25km) → 행가유원지 → (25km) → 황탄정 → (28km) → 사성암 → (19km) → 남도대교 → (18km) → 매화마을 → (20km) → 배알도 수변공원

From Goesan-gun, Chungbuk to Jeungpyeong, Cheongwon and Sejong City, the bike path was built along the 5 beautiful rivers-Ssangcheon, Dalcheon, Seonghwangcheon, Bogangcheon and Mihocheon-which gave the name to the bike path, Ocheon bike path.

Ocheon bike path connects Saejae and Geumgang and one of the much-loved bike paths among many cross-country bike paths. Now it covers from metropolitan area, Yeongnam area, Saejae and Sejong City to Geumgan riverside and the western sea, connecting different regions.