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  • Course Seomjingang Life Sports Park(Gangjin Bridge) ~ Baealdo Waterfront Park
  • Distance 148km
  • The time required About 21hours 30minute
  • Level of difficulty 3
Where to get a handbook with detailed courseCourse completion checkpoints 섬진강 생활 체육공원 → (14km) → 장군목 → (25km) → 행가유원지 → (25km) → 황탄정 → (28km) → 사성암 → (19km) → 남도대교 → (18km) → 매화마을 → (20km) → 배알도 수변공원

Seomjin River bike path is a top class cycle path of untouched, pure beauty of nature in Seomjin River area.

The bike path starts from the sports park in Seomjin River, Imsil, Jeonbuk and reaches to Bealdo Beach in Gwangyang, Jeonnam, which is long as 174km. It was formed along the riverside and is known to bring out the beauty of nature among many bike paths nationwide.