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  • Course Paldang Bridge ~ Chungju Tangeumdae
  • Distance 132km
  • The time required About 8hours 50minute
  • Level of difficulty 2
Where to get a handbook with detailed courseCourse completion checkpoints 팔당대교 → (6km) → 북한강철교 → (20km) → 양평군립미술관 → (16km) → 이포보 → (14km) → 여주보 → (10km) → 강천보 → (28km) → 비내섬 → (30km) → 목행교 → (6km) → 충주탄금대

Abandoned Jungang railroad, which is 27km long and connects Paldang, Namyangju and Yangpyeong, is the most beautiful bike path in the country. Rusty railroads on each side, the bike path leads you to a small train station you would remember in your memory.