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  • Course Balgeun Gwangjang ~ Sinmae Bridge
  • Distance 70.4km
  • The time required About 8hours 50minute
  • Level of difficulty 2
Where to get a handbook with detailed courseCourse completion checkpoints 밝은광장 → (15km) → 샛터삼거리 → (25km) → 강경교 → (30km) → 의양댐 → (10km) → 신매대교

Bukhangang bike path, which is 70.4km long and connects Seoul and Chuncheon, offers a beautiful view while you are passing Cheongpyeong lakeside, Euiam lakeside, Ungil Mountain and Chukryeong Mountain.

Bukhangang bike path passes Daeseong-li, Cheongpyeong Resort, Jara Island, Gangchon Resort, Uiam lakeside, all of which are great resting places for residents of metropolitan area.